The chinese temple called Klenteng Sam Po Kong, better known as Gedung Batu, is Located about two kilometers west of the city centre. It was built in memory of one Sam Po, a 15th century envoy to Java From the Ming court in China. Apparently Sam Po’s ship sank off the coast of Semarang and both the pilot and cook lost their lives. Sam Po himself managed to swim ashore, resting at the site of the present day temple which, on account of the advancing shoreline, now lies inland. Gedung Batu is divided into six main enclosures containing a number of shrines.
Amoung them is that of kyai Jangkar, the anchor from Sam Po’s Ship. A Long and ancient creeping vine which appears to grow from the top of the shrine is locally belived to be the original anchor chain, since magically transformed. Other shrines are dedicated, amoung other, to Confucius (nabi Kong Fu Tzu) as wel as to the ship’s cook, who was apparently a native of west Java. There is another room which contains the ashes of people who die without descendants.
Although this is a Chinese temple, people of all religions come here to have their fortunes told, usually by Muslim fortune tellers. Busiest days are Tuesday and Friday kliwon (see directory). Once a Year there is a festival at the temple, when a statue of Sam Po is carried in Procession to commemorate his landing.

Gang Lombok
Gang Lombok in the middle of the city is well known for it’s Chinese food. It is also the site of a Chinese food. It is also the site of a Chinese temple called tay kak sie, whice was built in 1772. The building is beautifully decorated and full of brightly painted holy images, set in a haze of incense smoke. Visitor can Obtain sacred manuals, which promise good fortune, and can buy packets of highly sceted Chinese incense. Puppet show are sometimes performed outside the main entrance.