Bandungan and the Gedong Songo Temples Bandungan is a popular mountain resort located 7 kilometers from Ambarawa. The road winding up to the resort passes though plantations of fruit, and vegetables for which the region is well known. Bandungan offers a large number of very reasonably priced hotels and losmen, as wel as tennis courts and swimming pool. Horses can be hired from the local villagers. The resort is popular with the Chinese community, many of whom come from nearby Semarang at weekends and on holyday. As a result, excellent Chinese food is available. The main destination from Bandungan is the Gedong Songo group of temples, which lies some 5 kilometers further up the slopes of mountain Ungaran, at. 900 meters above sea-level, the air is cool and refresing and mist frequently envlops the area, adding to it’s sense of mystery. Arranged around a gorge containing hot, sulphureous spring are the belived to date from the 9th century, are set like jewels on the mountainside, several hundred meters apart. Five of the nine groups are still standing and have been partially restored, the topmost sanctuary offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain peaks. Sunrise and late afternoons are the recommended times to visit these temples, since the skies are more likely to be at lieast partially clear. From here, visitor can also have a good view of Rawa Pening, the large lake which lies to the south east of Ambarawa. Rawa pening is a popular holiday resort where rowing and fising are available. The speciality here is fried goldfish.