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1339301-tamansari_water_castle_by_goldenboy-yogyakartaBuilt in 1758 as a recreation area for  Yogyakarta’s royal family, the ‘Water castle’ of Taman Sari lies a little to  the south west of the kraton. Although mostly in ruins, brought about by time, neglect and an earthquake in 1867, Taman sari is still an interesting place to see. Visitor can walk through a maze of underground passageways leading down to dark and mysterious rooms, long since deserted. Two large bathing pools, apparently used by princesses from the palace, are still visible but no longer in use.
Taman Sari once had two long tunnels, one of whice was connected to the kraton, the other surfacing some distance outside the city, some say as  far away as Parangtritis. This second one was built as an escape route in the event of danger. Today, many batik artists live along Taman Sari’s narrow pathways.

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