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maliboro_tempo_doloe_1Malioboro is the most famous street in Yogyakarta. It runs north-south from the main rail way station towards the Kraton. Derived from the word malborough, the name of the street traces it’s origins back to the brief period of british rule at the beginning of the nineteenth century. In the day time the street is lined with colourfull market stalls selling all kinds of local handicrafts. Here it is possible to have a rubber stamp made in a few hours, or purchase an oil to promote hair growth made from an extract of crushed scorpions. Competing with the street seller are modern, glass fronted shops stocked with fashion goods, electronic gadgets, cassette tapes and quality batik. At night malioboro transform itself into what may be the world’s longest restaurant. A continuous row of flood stalls extends down both sides of the street, offering traditional delicacies like fried chiken or pigeon, and ofcourse nasi gudeg, until well into the early hours of the morning. Entertainment is provided by a variety of artists and street musicians, who help make every evening on Malioboro one of constant celebration.


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